art|WORK is a project that focuses on women artists making a living through their art.  It addresses the intersection of art and money to illuminate the difficulties many artists face earning a living through their creative endeavors.

Nancy Taliaferro, born in Baltimore, is the daughter and granddaughter of painters, and studied classical painting techniques from an early age at The Schuler’s School of Fine Art.   She continued her studies at The Maryland Institute of Art, and received her BFA from The Philadelphia University of the Arts.   She is also married to a painter.  Old photographs fascinate her. The luminosity and grain of a vintage print adds intrigue and simple beauty to a moment now layered with a complex history.  She is moved by the vulnerability of the natural world, and interested in the common thread that connects humans, animals -all of nature- in ways that often elude people. Through visual metaphor she examines this common thread and pushes the feelings her subjects evoke by juxtaposing them: both are sacred, and together oddly funny.  She's excited by the tension and seeks to explore earthly life: the tragic and beautiful, the sacred and the ludicrous.  She is in love with oil painting, with its creamy, delicious texture and luminosity on the canvas.  Painting with oils feels ancient, and adds another layer of the contrary to her work.